About This Blog

Damned Already is a blog started in early 2012 by a history student with too much time on his hands. It focuses upon topics relating to religion and faith, and if it isn't obvious from the outset discusses these from an atheistic standpoint. The blog also covers issues relating to scepticism.

Given that you're here and reading this just now, it's a fair assumption that you probably already have a fair idea of what atheism is. But since there are several interpretations and viewpoints on the precise nature of the whole thing, I thought I'd give my definition of it.

Atheism is the rejection of the supernatural and/or divine, the denial of the existence of any god or gods.

Nice and simple when you get down to it, really.

Scepticism ('skepticism' to you American folks) is a broader term used in everything from philosophy to religion, so let me also give a quick definition of what it is as well so we're all on the same page.

Scepticism in the sense of the word that I'm using it relates to scientific scepticism; it means utilising the scientific method to determine whether or not a claim should be believed. There's a whole wide world filled with all manner of claims, viewpoints and beliefs, and having a means of determining which of them should be believed is a useful thing. Scepticism does not necessarily mean cynicism, either; a good sceptic doesn't assume everything is false, but instead simply asks for evidence before they decide whether it's true or not.

I began this blog largely because several friends of mine where starting blogs on similar topics, and I thought it looked like a bit of fun.

It's been over a year since then, and my reasons for writing Damned Already have changed a fair bit. Writing out your thoughts and opinions on matters can be a great way to help you figure out what you truly think about things, and so this blog has been greatly beneficial for that. It's also allows me to talk about things I find important, to discuss matters I feel are relevant. Since I started writing here I've also found myself amongst a number of pretty awesome and like-minded bloggers, so that's been fun too.